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Bert is in contact with the webmaster of Youth Owned Records as to Haphazard playing a show, I will keep you updated as to this. You may just see Haphazard doing what they do best, musically that is (you dont want to watch us play starcraft)

both yusuke and bert start drivers ed on monday the 7th, of january. So, be afraid, man.

Bert has just finished 3rd song "running in circles"
so plans for what to do with 3 songs done...
"i plan to play starcraft until my eyes rot, or am forced to A:sleep B:eat C:goto school D:"get off that damn computer" or E:all the above"

give bert a guitar

sad bert =( bert is n00b


bands new years resoutions:

"I will be less self-concious when talking to girls, mabey i can get a girlfriend then, oh well... "

"I dunno"

"To be less crappy at guitar"

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!