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we asked the members of haphazard 3 questions
1)what kind of music do you like and dislike
2)what is your favorite food
3)who is your dream date

I am 100% against conformity, in all its forms, and a girl who wears crombie gets the major deduction in points (note:but if shes hot i can overlook it hehe).
I am against gangsta rap, i like run DMC, but i dont like commercialized rap jsut for selling cd's. how many lil's are out there anywhays. Pop sux too, hotpockets, lol, no seriously, chinese food (take that yusuke ^_^)
Dream date...jessica alba


I like all music, My favorite artist is Eminem. I'm also into mindless commercialized pop music. But death metal is kewl too.;;
my fav food is sushi
"im hangry"

"i like rock, and dislike mindless pop.
i like subway.
*ben couldnt think of a dream date*"

"It's sad that a band can be torn a part by something as simple as a pack of wolves." -jack henry (ben substitued band for family)

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